2007 Anti-Yasukuni U.S. Campaign Summary

1. Objective:
 to publicize the Yasukuni issues in the U.S. through Cartoon Exhibition of KOCARUS(original name Prof. Ko, Gyoung-Il)
 to gain support for the Anti-Yasukuni campaign in U.S. Academic communities through the International Academic Symposium and to plan for the future strategy
 to publicize the Yasukuni issues in Korean American communities in Los Angeles and New York with testimonies and movie screening
 to make contacts with the UN to gain support and interest of the UN Human Rights Council in the Anti-Yasukuni campaign
 to deliver a statement to the Japanese Consulate General in the U.S.

2. Goals
 to create a national network in the U.S. to support the international Anti-Yasukuni campaign
 to gain an international perspective on the Yasukuni issue and to promote a academic/professional network to support the Anti-Yasukuni campaign
 to make list of volunteers and support system for an appeal to the Human Rights Council of the UN

3. Schedule

Date: November 1, 2007 (Thursday) – November 11, 2007 (Sunday)
Place: Los Angeles, New York, Washington U.S.A.
Main Theme: “Say No to War, Say No to Yasukuni Shrine”
Hosting Orgs.: Anti-Yasukuni Joint Counteraction – Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese and Okinawan Committees
Managing Org.: Institute for Research in Collaborationist Activities
Participants: Korea (16), U.S. (6), Japan (7)
Main Event:

LA 11/1-4,Exhibition,Korean Education Center
11/3-4,Testimonial,Garden Glove Church
11/2,Fundraisers,Korean Education Center

NY 11/7-11,Exhibition,Flushing Town Hall
11/8,Symposium,Columbia University
11/7,Fundraisers,Flushing Daedong Manor
11/6,Rally,UN Plaza

DC 11/9,Fundraisers,Fundraising Night
11/9,Rally,Japanese Consulate General

Information regarding places:

Korean Education Center In LA
680 Wilshire Place, Suite #200, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Tel (213) 386-3112~3 // Fax (213) 386-3138 // http://www.kecla.org

Flushing Town Hall in Flushing, New York
137-35 Northern Blvd. Flushing, New York 11354
Tel (718) 463-7700 // Fax (718) 445-1920 // Box Office (718) 463-7700 ext. 222

Philosophy Hall, Room 301
Columbia University Morningside Campus
1150 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, New York 10027
Daedong Manor and Restaurant
150-24 Northern Blvd.
Flushing, New York 11354
Tel (718) 939-2555 // Fax (718) 359-0978

Flushing Lippmann Plaza
On Roosevelt Avenue between Main St. and Union St. (connecting to 40th Road),
Flushing, New York 11354

4.Detailed Schedule of the International Academic Symposium

Time Contents Detailed Content
09:00~09:30 Registration Registration (everyone)
09:30~10:00 Opening Opening Ceremony

Keynote Speech - Part Ⅰ / Moderator: Mr. Han, Seok-Jung

10:00~10:30 1 The Yasukuni Shrine under the Occupation – Mark Selden
10:30~11:00 2 Historical Perspective on Yasukuni and Anti-U.S. Sentiments – Suh, Jae-Jung
11:00~11:30 3 The Yasukuni Issue and the Current Trend of Japanese Media – Asano Kenichi
11:30~12:00 4 Legal Issues on the Yasukuni Shrine – Uchida Masatoshi

12:00~13:30 Lunch

Keynote Speech – Part II / Moderator: Mr. Song, Joo-Myung

13:30~14:00 5 U.S. Perspectives on Yasukuni Issues – Barry Fischer
14:00~14:20 6 Response of Chinese Communities to the Yasukuni Issues – Ignatius Ding
14:20~14:40 7 Yasukuni as a Starting Point for Historical Reconciliation – Jean Chung

14:40~14:55 Coffee Break

Discussion – Part III / Moderator: Mr. Ha, Jong-Moon

14:55~15:15 Visual Presentation Taiwanese Anti-Yasukuni Campaign

15:15~17:40 Discussion Discussion by Everyone

17:40~18:00 Closing Summation and Closing

5. Detailed Schedules

10/31 - arrive in LA
11/1 – 11 am Cartoon Exhibition, Press Conference, at Korean Education Center in LA
11/2 – 7 pm Fundraising Event at night (Movie showing, testimony)
11/3 – 12 pm – 7 pm: Outdoor Exhibit and flyering, Caricature drawings, etc. at Galleria Department store
11/4 – 2pm Movie screening (Annyong, Sayonara) & Testimonial at a Korean Church
11/5 – arrive in NY
11/6 – 12:00 - 3:30pm – Press Conference in front of Japanese Consulate - march to UN - rally at UN park, and then preparation for and installing the Cartoon Exhibits at Flushing Townhall
11/7 – 11 am Opening ceremony at Cartoon Exhibit in Flushing
6:30 pm Fundraising Dinner at Daedong Manor & Restaurant (150th Street)
11/8 – 9:30am-6:00pm International Academic Symposium at Columbia University, Philosophy Hall #301* (see below for detailed schedule)
3pm Korea Society Lecture by Ms. Han, Myeong-Suk
11/9 - Drive down to DC,
2pm outdoor event in front of the Japanese Consulate,
7pm Fundraising Event with Movie screening and Testimonial
11/10 – Drive back to NY.
7pm Meet with CAN-U & NDD, some return to Korea, Japan, etc.
11/11 – 11:00 am On-site Caricature drawing and outdoor exhibition, flyering at Lippmann Plaza, Flushing